The Mission of Yahweh

A Homeless Shelter for Women and Children Since 1961

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10247 Algiers
Houston, TX 77041
Tel (713) 466-4785
Fax (713) 466-3480
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About The Mission of Yahweh

The Mission of Yahweh began with a vision given to Mrs. Helen Gay - known by most as Sister Gay.

This vision from God led her to a devoted life of helping the poor, and in 1961 she opened her home to women in crisis. To get her community's help, Sister Gay would drive her truck through the Memorial area seeking donations. Soon, many churches and families lent their support to Sister Gay and her vision.

In 1971, a group of churches met and organized a Board of Directors and the corporate structure to support her work. In 1972, a corporate charter was granted by The State of Texas to establish The Mission of Yahweh as a non-profit 501(c)3 homeless shelter for women and children.

In 1981, construction began with a single dormitory on Algiers. Today, the Mission Campus consists of 11 buildings and houses over 100 women and children. Sister Gay's vision continues to drive The Mission's mission to enrich the lives of homeless women and children.

Although Sister Gay passed away in 2008, The Mission of Yahweh and the legacy she left behind continues to flourish.